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international trade

by positioning ourselves as a customer-friendly, modern and comprehensive supply chain service provider, we operate and represent by law various commodity trades. we are responsible for the outbound operation, sales agent and import and export business of main aluminum products in china; our main business covers inbound trade, import and export, transit trade and related logistics and warehousing services of alumina, electrolytic aluminum, coking coal, thermal coal, copper, lead, zinc, rare and precious metals, bauxite, copper concentrate, iron ore, and raw and auxiliary materials for industrial use; we conduct futures hedging business at home and abroad, dedicate ourselves to building an outstanding cross-selling platform, strategic cooperation platform and e-commerce platform of nonferrous metals for sustainable development.

alumina business

we are one of the major traders of alumina and related products in china with friendly cooperation with global leading aluminum companies and dealers and long-term and stable partnership with domestically famous aluminum companies. our product line includes alumina, metal gallium, chemical alumina, imported bauxite and carbon products. our footprint covers both china and abroad with business relations with clients in asia, the american continent, europe and australia.

primary aluminum business

we are one of the major traders of primary aluminum and related products in china,having established friendly cooperation with global leading aluminum companies and dealers and long-term and stable partnership with domestically famous aluminum companies. the product line includes aluminium ingot and aluminium alloy with international footprint.

non-aluminum metal business

we have established long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign suppliers and clients with wide and stable procurement and sales channels. the product line includes nonferrous metals such as electrolytic copper, zinc ingots, lead ingots, electrolytic nickel, rare and precious metals and copper concentrate. with business covering the whole country, we are actively promoting import & export as well as transit trade.

energy business

we actively participate in market development of world’s quality coking coal resources, and extend to energy products including thermal coal, fired coal, iron ore and crude oil. we also build strategic cooperation with strong energy & mineral companies and steel companies in domestic and foreign markets.

raw material business

we are actively engaged in the market development, buying and selling and management service of raw and auxiliary materials in the aluminum industry, and building stable strategic alliances with clients. the product line includes soda ash, caustic soda, solid caustic soda, petroleum coke, calcined coke, medium temperature asphalt, modified asphalt, aluminum fluoride, cryolite, aluminum hydroxide, cathode flat steel, square steel, silicon, magnesium and galvanized steel with long-term strategic alliances with petrochina, sinopec and china national salt industry corporation, etc.

international business

our international team is engaged in foreign market development and overseas financing. we participate in upstream resource market development, and provide services such as the import & export, international trade and agent services of nonferrous metals, minerals and alloy products. a wide and intensive business bond is built between the company and international famous suppliers and clients.

futures hedging business

the company became self-operated member of shanghai futures exchange in 2001. in 2003, we were authorized by csrc and chinalco to operate futures on overseas market and engage in futures hedging business on behalf of the corporation. we are the only futures hedging platform of the corporation in chinese and overseas markets and provides consulting services for over 30 entities under the corporation.

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