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achievements and patents

achievements and patents

during the 12th five year plan period, chalco developed a range of cutting edge technologies, innovations, and circular economy technologies to meet demands from its alumina and electrolytic aluminum business, and launched into the market new products and energy-efficient technologies, which has greatly boosted the company. over the five-year period, more than 300 r&d and industrialization projects of chalco and its subsidiaries went on well, including a variety of breakthroughs, such as the enhanced bayer process, newly-structured smelting cells, a 600ka large-scale aluminum potline, new energy-efficient technologies to stabilize and preserve heat of aluminum potlines.

patents and standards

chalco gives priority to the application, protection and appreciation of r&d achievements. it has become stronger in hard power by industrializing these achievements and offering technical services through more economic benefits. chalco has improved its soft power through patents and technical standards which have effectively protected and increased the value of its r&d works.

by the end of 2015, chalco had filed 2137 patent applications in total, including 1038 invention applications; it had possessed 1716 granted patents, including 662 inventions. during the 12th five year plan period, it had submitted 642 patent applications, 594 of which had been granted. zhengzhou non-ferrous metals research institute co. ltd. of chalco, chalco guizhou branch, and chalco shandong branch are leaders measured by the number of granted patents. in 2013 chalco was rated as one of “beijing’s first patent-demonstration enterprises”, and now serves as a standing director of beijing intellectual property protection association.

during the 12th five year plan period, chalco drafted as the initiator 139 technical standards, including 64 national industry standards, and 75 corporate standards. it has contributed to more than 300 technical standards in total, one of the best records in the industry.
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